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Testimonials From Past Voyagers

Starlight Fleet Rocks!!!
Sunset Buffet Dinner Dolphin Watching Cruise
Sat, Sep 13, 14
Our third cruise with the awesome folks of the Starlight Fleet was the best one yet! Friendly, knowledgeable staff and crew, good food, excellent DJ, this Sunset Buffet Cruise had it all. We drove up from Delaware through wind and heavy rain, were late and arrived as the boat was leaving the dock. THE CAPTAIN CAME BACK FOR US!!!! We were amazed and grateful for such a kind act. The rain stopped by the time we got to Wildwood and the skies began to clear. We were treated to a double rainbow as well as a beautiful sunset. Despite the weather, we got to see some dolphins after enjoying the nice buffet. We loved doing YMCA as we passed the Lobster House, such a fun tradition! Lots of the diners onshore joined us, too. This was a great trip, our third this year but first Sunset Buffet. We highly, highly recommend this cruise and can't wait to take it again, we're bringing lots of friends next time!

Sunset Buffet Dinner Dolphin Watching Cruise
Thu, Aug 28, 14
It was an excellent evening, we had a great time

Great Time
Sunset Buffet Dinner Dolphin Watching Cruise
Fri, Aug 15, 14
We had a really great time on 8-15-14. The captain was great, we saw lots of Dolphins, it was a beautiful night. We didn't go into this trip with expectations but had a great time. We danced on the way home, the music was great. We loved it when the boat pulled up to the Lobster House in Cape May and all the people there were waving to us. What a great fun night and worth the money.

Great experience, well worth the cost.
Sunset Buffet Dinner Dolphin Watching Cruise
Sun, Aug 10, 14
The buffet was very good.. The captain and crew were very friendly and helpful. We were very impressed with all the information the captain gave us about the points of interest. The captain was very experienced in the handling of the boat. We would highly recommend this cruise to our friends if they should visit the Wildwoods. We look forward to going on the cruise again next year !!!!!!!

Superb staff
Sunset Buffet Dinner Dolphin Watching Cruise
Sat, Aug 9, 14
We had a wheelchair in our group and the Captain and staff went out of their way to accommodate us. We saw many pods of dolphins, learned interesting facts and had a nice dinner. The music was fun too!

Perfect anniversary celebration
Sunset Buffet Dinner Dolphin Watching Cruise
Sun, Jul 13, 14
My wife and I had done the dinner cruise once before and enjoyed it so much that, when it came time to celebrate our 35th anniversary this past week and wanted to do something really special, this was the first thing we both thought of, and we weren't disappointed. Everything was perfect: the food, the atmosphere, the service by the staff, the narration regarding the sights, all for not much more than you'd pay for just dinner at a nice restaurant. There are a lot of things to do at the shore, but if we know people are going to the shore, this is the one activity we recommend most enthusiastically.

Beautiful Evening
Sunset Buffet Dinner Dolphin Watching Cruise
Wed, Jun 25, 14
We had a wonderful experience on the dinner cruise. The weather was perfect! The food was delicious and all four of my kids found something they liked. The staff and Captain were very friendly and knowledgeable. We saw a lot of dolphins! This was definitely the highlight of our vacation!

Fantastic day on the ocean!!
Atlantic Star Whale and Dolphin Watching Tour
Wed, Sep 3, 14
The weather was perfect, the crew was perfect. Saw a pod of dolphin right away and they were beautiful. On top of all this, we saw 3 humpback whales! Even saw flukes!! Highly recommend this trip to everyone. Who knew we had this kind of marine life so close to the Jersey shore? I will likely do it again.

Atlantic Star Whale and Dolphin Watching Tour
Sat, Aug 30, 14
This was my second whale watching trip in the Cape May area. This was the better one. The marine biologist on staff gave us lots of information about the dolphins and whales. The 3 hr. Trip was worth every penny.

Had an exhilarating time
Atlantic Star Whale and Dolphin Watching Tour
Thu, Aug 28, 14
We saw multiple pods of dolphins almost immediately, and saw many throughout the course of the trip. We unfortunately did not luck out and see any whales, but we were prepped for that possibility. The boat ride itself is fun, my kids loved the touch tank (Yes.... I also kissed the horseshoe crab for 20 years good luck), the marine biologist onboard as well as all the staff were delightful. Highly recommended.

aw lots of Whales
Atlantic Star Whale and Dolphin Watching Tour
Fri, Aug 15, 14
We were excited but skeptical because we were not sure we would see whales. WE did. WE saw 6 whales, jumping, splashing their tails, it was amazing. All were humpback whales. WE also saw lots of Dolphins, and the crew and boat were great. I will be taking more family there later.

Great Adventure
Atlantic Star Whale and Dolphin Watching Tour
Tue, Jul 29, 14
This adventure was so much fun and educational. Our 3 children loved seeing the dolphins and the whale. The kids had a blast at the touch tank as they got to touch and hold sea life. The amount of information provided by the marine expert was great. The ship is well maintained and easy to get around. As an extra bonus, the sea food place attached to the gift shop had the best tasting seafood. Having a great adventure and a delicious meal after coming back to port, made for a wonderful day. When you are in Wildwood, don't pass up this adventure.

Great time on the bay
Atlantic Bottlenose Dolphin Watching & Sightseeing
Fri, Sep 5, 14
My husband and I had a great time out with the crew of the Starlight Fleet and their friendly and very knowledgeable crew. This was our third time out with them and they always seem to find the Dolphins and make the trip very interesting and enjoyable. In my opinion, take the time to go boating with them and you won't be disappointed. They aim to please and the boat is very clean!

Very informative
Atlantic Bottlenose Dolphin Watching & Sightseeing
Fri, Aug 1, 14
The trip was informative and fun. We had a fantastic time seeing and learning about dolphins as well as other marine life and learning more about the Wildwood Crest and Cape May areas.

The trip was thoroughly enjoyable.
Atlantic Bottlenose Dolphin Watching & Sightseeing
Wed, Jul 30, 14
Everyone on the trip was courteous. The marine biologist gave useful incites throughout the trip. Sailing was smooth and we saw numerous dolphins.

Do not miss this experience!
Atlantic Bottlenose Dolphin Watching & Sightseeing
Thu, Jul 10, 14
JCC Boating not only gave us an up-close look at swimming dolphins, but we saw two Bald Eagles and were given an outstanding tour around the coast of Cape May as well. It was the perfect start to our first full day at the beach. The captain provided us with an incredible amount of information on both marine life and of the historic Cape May region which made the trip highly educational. The complimentary donuts and coffee were delicious and the crew was remarkably generous and welcoming. This will definitely become an essential part of our annual vacation. The tickets are very reasonably priced

Very enthusiastic and informative crew
Atlantic Bottlenose Dolphin Watching & Sightseeing
Tue, Jul 1, 14
The crew was very knowledgeable and shared many interesting facts with humorous spin....the touch tank also informed us on many of the small sea creatures and even helped us save some horseshoe crabs that were washed up on the beach the following day... since we now know that they can't hurt us :-)
Highlight of my vacation in Wildwood

Atlantic Bottlenose Dolphin Watching & Sightseeing
Thu, Jun 26, 14
I took the 10 AM dolphin watch cruise this past June and absolutely loved it. It was my first time and I was a little bit nervous but once we started seeing dolphins, I was blown away. We saw over thirty, maybe forty, dolphins plus some jellyfish. All personnel on the boat were friendly and informative. The captain had nice stories to tell, both historic and somewhat personal, while the biologist also had factual stories mixed with witty comments of his own. I will definitely be taking their whale watch tour next time I'm in Wildwood.

Great mates
Four Hour Deep Sea Fishing
Sat, Sep 13, 14
The crew was super helpful and friendly, and Capt. knew what he was doing when water got a bit choppy. Lots of fun.

Awesome fishing trip with my grand kids
Four Hour Deep Sea Fishing
Fri, Aug 15, 14
Purchased tickets seamlessly online. The crew was very attentive to the needs of everyone fishing. Overall a great fishing trip. Will do again

Great Time. Great Crew.
Four Hour Deep Sea Fishing
Thu, Aug 7, 14
Pleasant day on the water. Even caught some fish. Had a great time with my son-in-law who, unlike me, is an avid fisherman and also enjoyed the trip. Only down-side was that he caught more fish than I did....

Awesome family bonding time
Four Hour Deep Sea Fishing
Sun, Jun 8, 14
My family and I had such a great time. Highly recommend!!

A great time
Four Hour Deep Sea Fishing
Tue, Jul 29, 14
For a short trip, we could not have enjoyed ourselves better. From the hospitality, to the equipment to the boat itself, all were excellent. They helped with baiting, pulling catches in and if anyone one caught any keepers, they filleted as well. Thank you again. I would definitely go out with them for another trip.

A great way to spend 4 hours.
Four Hour Deep Sea Fishing
Tue, Aug 5, 14
Captain and crew were very attentive to all fishermen, even with a fully loaded boat. Good catching all morning long. When catching died down in one spot, the captain quickly moved the boat to another, where the catching picked up. My party of 4 went home with 18 keepers and also caught a few small shark.

Fun for All!
Dark Star Pirate Cruises of Wildwood Crest
Thu, Jul 5 9:30 AM - DPKirby - Female - Local - Family With Children
We brought our 7 year old grand daughter and her Mom and Dad on the Pirate Adventure cruise. The pirate characters were funny, and very attentive to the children even prior to the ship sailing, which made the kids more familiar with the characters once they boarded the ship. The cruise itself was a hoot. Our pirate captain, as well as the pirate crew made the adventure so much fun for the kids and adults alike. From finding a map and sunken treasure, to warding off another pirate trying to attack our ship, the kids had a ball fending him off with water cannons. The only suggestion I would make is that the characters had a wireless microphone attached to their costume, simply because when everyone is participating and singing, it was a little difficult hearing what they were saying, whether they were singing or giving orders to the "crew!" It was a lot of fun and something that we're still talking about! Aargh!

Great Day Trip!
Atlantic Star Whale and Dolphin Watching Tour (Capt. Chris Kanya)
Tue, Jul 3 1:00 PM - SKR2012 - Female - Domestic Tourist(s) - Family With Children
My daughter has always wanted to do this trip so we (group of 4) booked this trip. It was great. The guides did a fantastic job pointing out the directions of the dolphins. It was great....they provided some detail that made it more interesting. The Captain tried in vain to take us out farther to see the whales, but to no avail; but since it was a gorgeous day...I loved it! It was a very interesting and relaxing trip...a little something for all....We come to Wildwood every summer and would definitely take this tour again.

Loved it lots of fun and smiles. Will return.
Dark Star Pirate Cruises of Wildwood Crest
Tue, Jul 3 6:30 PM - TjmcBride1 - Male - Domestic Tourist(s) - Family With Children
The cast was great with the kids and the adults. Made sure everyone got involved and had fun. They got every child to have fun and smile. Alls I gotta say is they are arrrrrrrrsome!

Nice trip
Sunset Buffet Dinner Dolphin Watching Cruise (Capt. Chris Kanya)
Fri, Jun 29 6:00 PM - walzerkim - Female - Domestic Tourist(s) - Family With Children
Had a nice dinner and a lovely time seeing the dolphins. Staff was very knowledgable and atttentive to our needs. fun time for all.

Fun cruise
Sunset Buffet Dinner Dolphin Watching Cruise (Capt. Chris Kanya)
Tue, Jul 3 6:00 PM - Lightson50 - Female - Domestic Tourist(s) - Family With Children
The cruise around cape may and wildwood was very enjoyable. We had a buffet dinner that provided a variety of tasty food. Everything was very organized. The captain was excellent and very informative. We were entertained by a large group of dolphins as well as music. I would recommend this trip to all age groups. I went with my daughter and her friend and they enjoyed the cruise as much as I did.

Dark Star Pirate Cruises of Wildwood Crest
Thu, Jun 28 12:30 PM - redsonya22 - Female - Domestic Tourist(s) - Family With Children
We had so much fun! We took our 5 year old nephew for his birthday and the look on his face was priceless!! I think he seriously believes he is a pirate now. The crew members were so friendly and stayed in character the entire time. We would definitely go again!

Great Tour!
Atlantic Bottlenose Dolphin Watching & Sightseeing (Capt. Chris Kanya)
Fri, Jun 29 10:00 AM - pblystone - Female - Domestic Tourist(s) - Family Without Children
One of the best tours that our family went on in the Wildwood area-saw many dolphins. The captain was very informative and the crew was friendly.

Four Hour Deep Sea Fishing (Capt. Ernie King)
Sat, Jun 30 1:00 PM - jerseygirl1 - Female - Local - Couple on a Date
Let me start of by saying my boyfriend and i live in the city (nyc) and we both thought that fishing was boring and we always wonder why our friend enjoyed it soo much. We decided to give it a shot. I was blown away w/ the fun and excitement we had fishing. Its a great way to bond,learned from each other,meet other people and just enjoy life and nature. The helpers at the boat were amazing and taught us a few things about fish and fishing. We both found a new hobby we like and will be doing it all over again. Its addicting hobby. We love fishing. Thanks.

Great time
Sunset Buffet Dinner Dolphin Watching Cruise (Capt. Chris Kanya)
Sat, Jun 30 6:00 PM - Gordonsfish - Male - Domestic Tourist(s) - Family With Children
I was a little skeptical at first with how the buffet would be But everything was awesome, waitresses, bartender, and of course the Captain. Had a lot of fun. Would deffinetly do it again. I suggest it to people Of all ages.

Great experience, lots of fun!
Four Hour Deep Sea Fishing (Capt. Ernie King)
Sat, Jun 23 8:00 AM - sistin1 - Female 20-29 - Local - Other
As usual, we had a wonderful time. The guys on the ship were helpful, informative, and as excited as we were when we were catching! They were quick to help and always offered assistance. I highly recommend!

Dark Star Pirate Cruises of Wildwood Crest
Sat, Jun 23 9:30 AM - dgalayda - Female - Local - Family With Children
We had such a great time! It was perfect for my 4 and 7 year old. The pirates were so much fun and interacted with the kids the minute we got to the dock. We would DEFINITELY do this again.

lots of fun!
Sunset Buffet Dinner Dolphin Watching Cruise (Capt. Chris Kanya)
Sun, Jun 24 6:00 PM - Tmilligan421 - Female - Domestic Tourist(s) - Couple on a Date
We got on the boat and decided to sit on the upper deck to be was great! The Captain named Chris was a great guide and cracked a few jokes during the trip which was good for the adults. He also let the younger kids drive the boat for a little which was cute. After the buffet they played fun music and people danced. The tour was really nice and relaxing and I enjoyed that the bar wasn't ridiculously overpriced-it was typical 4 dollars for a beer. The food at the buffet was pretty much what I expected; enough to fill you but nothing great. I definitely enjoyed the tour and would do it again!

This is a Must see for the little ones and adults
Dark Star Pirate Cruises of Wildwood Crest (Capt. Andrew Cicchitti)
Fri, Jun 22 12:30 PM - bobfrantz - Female - Combination - Family With Children
I can't say enough GREAT things about this experience, It was 90 degrees when we borded the ship and I truly thought "this is not going to be good" BUT it was FANTASTIC!!! The entertainment was funny and kept everyone's attention and the kids just loved it! I have a 16 year old who I made go on this trip, he did NOT want to go. He had the BEST time, The crew saw that he didn't want to be there and they kept him busy laughing and entertaining right along with everyone else. The story was Great and the crew involved everyone one on the ship into that story and it was so much fun!!! No one was left out and everyone one on the ship had a great time, even with the heat being as high as it was the crew did a FANTASTIC job!!! My little one still talks about it all and we have been home for over a week now... My 16 year old still talks about it too!! We all had a GREAT time and I would HIGHLY recommend doing this while you are in wildwood!!! IT'S A YES YES YES for my family!!!!!

The event was nice, but we did not see any whales
Starlight Whale & Dolphin Watch - Weekend Special (Capt. Chris Kanya)
Sat, Jun 23 9:30 AM - angelina21 - Female - Domestic Tourist(s) - Group of Friends
I like the crew, they was very nice and helpful, but we did not see any whales and I thought we would based on the description dolphin and whale watching. Some of my guests was disappointed. We brought 24 tickets and I felt we should have seen both dolphins and whales. Or at the very least an explanation of why we were not going to see the whales should have been made. Over all the trip was nice otherwise.

Fun Learning Experience.
Atlantic Bottlenose Dolphin Watching & Sightseeing
Tue, Jun 19 10:00 AM - aimhighgw - Female - Domestic Tourist(s) - Couple on a Date
The Captain was knowledgeable and did everything to help us fully enjoy the experience.

short trip
Four Hour Deep Sea Fishing (Capt. Ernie King)
Thu, Jun 14 1:00 PM - Cecilbond - Male - Domestic Tourist(s) - Individual
It took the final spot before landing on hot fishing. Wish we had went there first. The skipper and mates were very helpful and friendly. Will sail again but on longer trip

Very Fun Trip
Dark Star Pirate Cruises of Wildwood Crest
Sun, Jun 17 12:30 PM - sarabryan12 - Female - Domestic Tourist(s) - Family With Children
This was an excellent trip. My son had so much fun, as well as the adults. The "pirates" were very enthusiastic and enjoyable. Everyone was involved on the trip and everyone had a great time.

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